Who are We Writing This Blog For?

By Andrea Espíndola Pedro Olaya

Welcome to our analytics blog. This is the first of a series of posts that will describe a methodology that we have put together to enable a group of high profile professors in Pontificia Universidad Javeriana to serve in a team for consulting in analytics. We will also from time to time include posts on a one-off basis, commenting on new developments or new tools, etc. 

In this post we will clarify who are we writting this blog for.

Intended Users:

  • First, people who would like to start or improve an existing consulting service in Analytics
  • Second, business people who are in the process of hiring a consultant and wants to have a reference on what are important criteria to use in this selection process
  • Last, but not least, academics interested in the following areas:
  1. Analytics
  2. Consulting
  3. Service Modularity

In order for to identify how relevant is a given  blog post to you we will use the following tags

U1 for consultants in analytics

U2 for people hiring a consultant in analytics

U3 for academics interested in analytics

We do hope you enjoy reading this blog. You are welcome to subscribe to our feed in the link below and please do comment in the form below .

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